Grosskopf was the first drummer and percussionist in the world of electronic music who accompanied electronically generated melody and basslines (sequencer) on drums.

In the late 70th he took to an appartement with his Minimoog and recorded one of the pioneering synth scores to be tagged kosmische, SYNTHESIST. A mind bending journey through undulating rhythmic trippy sonic scapes, way befor UNDERWORLD`s slippy 90`s synth-scrapers.

Grosskopf has lined up in many German Electronic Krautrock formations. Making his name when playing drums for the German Art-Rock band WALLENSTEIN in the early Seventies.

During that same period he met TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE and MANUEL GĂ–TTSCHING`s ASH RA TEMPEL, later ASHRA. Grosskopf can be heard on some of early Klaus Schulze albums.

With ASHRA he performed on thirteen albums and toured France, England and Japan. With recent solo performances at Cafe Oto and Hackstock (London), Liverpool, New York, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Paris and Ambient Festival in Gorlice (Poland). Mention another project is the cooperation with KRAFTWERK co-founder EBERHARD KRANEMANN. In 2017 the album KRAUTWERK was released and a tour through England und Schottland completed.

Actually collaborating with keyboarder und producer ANDREAS KOLINSKI und MICHAEL WIRTZ on an album titled SYNTHESIST RELOADED based on analog synthesizers and several remix participations of international musicians. Live performances are planned. Among others on SUPERBOOTH 2018 in Berlin.
Together with Andreas Kolinski and musician video artist PATRICK ARNOLD Grosskopf performed sucessfully at INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PSYCHEDELIA 2016 in Liverpool.